Thai foot

This treatment involves working on the feet and lower legs and is performed with both the hands and with a Thai foot stick. Traditional techniques and stretches are performed to work with the Sen energy lines, and reflex points to aid in harmonising the flow of energy around the body. This treatment is relaxing and invigorating with the overall aim of balancing and encouraging good health.

This treatment includes a hot mitt foot cleanse and scrub.

Thai foot massage - £42

(60 minutes)

What are the benefits of Thai foot massage?

Boosts circulation and lymphatic flow.

Encourages the mind and body to balance with the aid of essential oils.

Working with the reflex points stimulate the internal organs to encourage good health.

Boosts immune system.

Encourages the elimination of toxins.

Promotes relaxation and overall wellness.

*Please note that this treatment is not suitable for pregnancy. I offer a pregnancy friendly grounding foot ritual here.

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