Beautiful woman in spa salon getting mud

Signature treatment

Cornish Sea Escape - £70

(90 minutes)

A tailor-made, grounding journey which incorporates natural Cornish ingredients, and will restore, revive and rebalance the mind and body. 

This treatment:


An invigorating wild Cornish seaweed back scrub to exfoliate and hydrate the skin, followed by a back, neck and shoulder massage using coconut oil which will let you drift off into relaxation.


A cleanse, exfoliation and a luxurious facial massage using a collagen boosting seaweed facial oil.

Rose quartz mushroom massage stones are used to aid in lymphatic drainage and to reduce puffiness.


A gentle tummy massage using Chi Nei Tsang techniques to work with the bodies’ energy flow (“chi”) to help detox, energize and rebalance. 

A detoxifying seaweed mask.

A seaweed and lavender balm to calm and restore.

This treatment also includes a luxurious scalp massage.

What are the benefits of seaweed in skincare?

It is an anti-inflammatory | Eliminates toxins

It has ultra-hydrating qualities | It is great for sensitive skin

Promotes natural healing | Rejuvenates skin and aids in replenishing skin cells

What is Chi Nei Tsang?

Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient form of Chinese and Thai abdominal massage techniques which promote natural healing emotionally and physically, as well as being deeply soothing.

What are the benefits of Chi Nei Tsang?

Detoxes and reduces bloating | Improves digestion | Relief from IBS | Reduces stress and anxiety

Increases energy physically and emotionally | Promotes natural healing and reconnection

Helps maintain hormone balance | Can reduce pain and cramps during the menstrual cycle

*Please note that this treatment is not suitable for pregnancy.