Bamboo massage

This treatment involves massaging the body using a variety of bamboo sticks with warm, hydrating coconut oil.. The sticks work as a remedial treatment to promote deep relaxation as well as stretching the muscles. Holistically as a living material, bamboo carries an energy that will help rebalance, promote natural healing and soothe the mind and body.

I ensure all treatments are tailor made to suit your needs.

Full body massage - £42 

Includes a hot mitt foot cleanse.

(60 minutes)

Full body massage - £50

Includes a hot mitt foot cleanse.

(70 minutes) 

What are the benefits of bamboo massage?


Reduced muscle tension

Increased joint mobility and flexibility

Reduced anxiety, depression, and stress

Improves sleep and promotes natural healing

Helps balance hormones

Improves digestion, circulation, and lymphatic flow

Overall sense of well-being

*Please note that this treatment is not suitable for pregnancy. I offer pregnancy friendly treatments here.

Bamboo Stick Massage